TRANSCULTURAL CAMPAIGNING is a full-service communication agency specializing in strategic communication across geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers. We focus on non-profit projects reaching out to migrants and refugees in countries of origin, transit and destination.



DESIGNING CAMPAIGNS for attitude change is our flagship competency. We will identify, and research the target audience, use messages and media that are sensitive not only to cultural but to linguistic, technological and political differences. Camping designs will include action plans, timelines and budgets.


IMPLEMENTING CAMPAIGNS starting from the selection processes for teams, producers and media. We can either implement campaigns with our own teams or supervise their implementation by third parties. We can plan and execute PR activities in Europe and in target countries in Africa or Asia. We will manage project budgets with utmost diligence and care.


CAMPAIGN EVALUATION includes the critical appraisal of ongoing campaigns. We analyse their quality, efficiency and efficacy and offer guidance for optimizing the methodology of transcultural communication and information projects carried out by third parties. We assess the short and long-term impact of campaigns.


POLICY CONSULTING in the field of strategic communication, with a focus on issues of forced, economic and mixed migration. We can offer advice in preparing, managing and communicating policy decisions.


MARKET, OPINION AND MOTIVATION RESEARCH in preparation of information campaigns. This ranges from preliminary desk studies and the evaluation of secondary sources all the way to planning and conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys in the field.


TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION are offered at all levels, from basic introductory courses all the way to the professional development of experienced communicators. We notice an ever-increasing need for such training, yet there is insufficient response by universities and external experts. We will organize workshops and provide training materials customized to the needs of each client, be they working in communications practitioners or in governmental and non-governmental entities.